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Dating Daddy’s Little Girl

Years from now, a handsome gentleman will get down on one knee, present me with a simple band of rose gold and ask to spend the rest of his natural life with me. With both love and sincerity in my eyes, I will look at this handsome gentleman and answer his question with a question of my own – “Did you talk to my dad about this first?”

The only thing worse than dating a “Mama’s Boy” is dating “Daddy’s Little Girl”. I am very fortunate and proud to admit that I am, indeed, a Daddy’s girl. I get most of my “boss” qualities from my father, he defends me better than Cochran on the O.J. case, and he is my ace boon coon. He shuffled me back and forth to every dance, karate, swim, and voice lesson, he took out my braids when I was too little to do it myself, and he cried his eyes out every time I’ve moved out of the house. Why am I biggin’ up my popsi? Because my ideal mate should be pretty much just like my dad.

I often hear men discuss women who have “daddy issues” and how it affects their opinions on dating and men in general. Usually these daddy issues are caused by an absentee father – leaving some women with no close example of what a “good” man should be like. Apparently, this causes some women to distrust and fear men, constantly have their guards up and assume that bad behavior from guys is the norm. On the flip side, there are some of us women who have been blessed to have different kinds of “daddy issues” – we expect our mates to treat us exactly like our daddies do and live up to our daddies’ ideals and expectations.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could log on to a website and build your perfect mate – trait by trait – select the perfect laugh, IQ, voice, etc.? Well, science is not there yet, so for now (and forever) you can have your ideal mate in your dreams! That’s right! For the low price of $free.99, you can dream up your perfect mate, relationship, marriage, “physical encounters” and everything else that makes you sad because it does not yet exist in your life.

Many people say they do not have a “type”, but it would not be a stretch to assume that we all have an ideal. For example, in an ideal world, I’ll be married by 30 to an extremely handsome and faithful man, have 2 kids by 35 – preferably fraternal twins of different sexes – and my husband will do romantic things with every breath I take. Will that happen? By the grace of God, yes, but I don’t really know. Does it hurt to dream?

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Rest in Power

It is now 10:49 pm on September 21st, 2011. In less than 30 minutes, Troy Davis will be put to death by lethal injection. It hurts our hearts to know that a man who may be innocent will pay the ultimate price.

We must never forget that we must seek justice in order to find peace.

Our thoughts are with Troy Davis, his family, and the family of Officer MacPhail.

May all people receive justice. May all people feel peace.

We are Troy Davis.

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The Civil War: Dating Addition

Southern belles who have become Sassy Yankees and vice versa – I expect y’all to feel me on what I am about to say – there is a difference between guys in the South and guys in the North when it comes to dating. Can I get a witness? I was in a serious (but long distance) relationship my first year in New York City, so I did not realize that the Southern male’s approach to dating is very different from that of the Northeastern male. I cannot decide which I prefer, but no worries, we’re “finna” figure that out right now.

One, two, three, four – I declare a dating war.

Battle 1

Southern Man: Sees an attractive female. Yells out “Hey, Miss Lady!”. “Miss Lady” smiles and keeps it moving. Southern man follows her. Southern man asks her if she is in a relationship. “Miss Lady” says that she is taken. Southern man says, “Does ya man let you have friends?”
Northern Man: Sees an attractive female. In a respectful volume says, “How are you doing, Gorgeous?”. “Gorgeous” smiles, thanks Northern man for the compliment and keeps it moving. Before “Gorgeous” gets too far away, Northern man asks her if she is in a relationship. “Gorgeous” says that she is taken. Northern man says, “Your man is very lucky.”

South – 0 North – 1

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