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Cape Verdean Matriarch Makes Traditional Dish

In spirit of Women’s History Month and honoring strong women who empower their communities, I decided to create this short of my Grandmother. Here is Mae depicted in Cabo Verde, making a traditional Couscous cake (of corn) for a birthday party. She uses an older method of cooking with a flower pot along with newer technologies. Thriving in her late 70’s, my Grandmother is one of the elders on the island who continue to pass down the nuances of culture and style derived from the roots of survival to my ancestral kin.


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call us the comeback queens…

We were gone for a minute, now we’re back with the jump off.

Like my godmother Beyoncé, we decided to randomly surprise you all with some content at midnight and give you your life!

Okay, maybe not so serious, but yes, we have returned. You’re welcome. Thanks for having us back.

Le Femme Flaneur

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Flaneurs x Brooklyn Museum x, Oh My!

While patiently waiting in line to hear the amazing Carrie Mae Weems and Mickalene Thomas speak at the Brooklyn Museum on January 2nd, we ran into Essence photographer Hannan Saleh. She thought we looked rather fly, so she snapped a few photos of us and waddyaknow – we were featured in the “Street Style: Gallery Girls” photo gallery last week!

We’re finna be famous, y’all! Essense BK Museum

Photo Credit: Hannan Saleh

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Not Manet’s Type


It was clear; I was not Manet’s Type.

Picasso-who had a way with women- only used me

& Duchamp never even considered me.

-Carrie Mae Weems, Not Manet’s Type| Photo Series

Skin like mine never did manage to make its way into the conventional art history courses or enable work to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well, there was that “African Phase,” Oh! and we all know that one piece Olympia where the Black maid happens to be painted in. And I’m pretty sure that the majority of African art stolen and exhibited in non African Museums are worth a pretty penny, but where does that profit go? Hm… I feel like I am walking a tight rope here. Contemplating the Black Female in Art only drives me to dead ends and leaves me wondering WHY? As a well-institutionalized fine artist I have been given the subtle and not so subtle message to be tight lipped on this matter and keep it moving. “It’s not attractive to keep talking about the race thing,” I’ve been told. I have never taken well to ill-advised direction, and this will be no exception. As it has been said that Aristotle wrote Nicomachean Ethics for his son Nicomachus, I write this piece for my unborn daughter, for if the apple does not fall too far from the roots, and in the event that she too happens to be born an Artist. I also write this for women like myself, who are driven to create work in a field, which we are invisible.

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