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Flaneurs Who Brunch

Hello Dahhhhhlings!

We are proud to present our very first installment oooof…drum roll please… Flaneurs Who Brunch! Because one of our favorite ways to enjoy life is to discover new fabulous brunch spots and share lovely discussions with our friends, we figure we might as well share it with you all. Here you will see us enjoying an easy Sunday afternoon at Harlem Tavern. We hope you enjoy this short film as much as we enjoyed the delicious cuisine and conversation. Look out for more to come!

Do you brunch with your friends? Send us some video, tell us what you talk about, or give us some topics of discussion for brunches to come!

Flaneurs Who Brunch from Le Femme Flaneur on Vimeo.

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Maintenance Kit: 4 Body Parts You Should Always Pack For, 5 Things you Should Do, and 6 Tips you Probably did not Know

4 easy to pack items that can save both City and Small Town girls while out and about when in a bind!

1. Mouth

Must Have: Lip Balm and Breath Freshener
Nothing is more distracting in a conversation than chapped lips or funky breath.

2. Hands

Must Have: Lotion and Hand Sanitizer
We use our hands countless times throughout the day. It’s important to not only show our appreciation by keeping them nice and moisturized, but avoid getting sick by keeping them as bacteria free as possible.

3. Feet

Must Have: Band Aids.
Ladies, I see you walking the city in your heels day and night. We all have our own tricks to making it look so effortless and Based God knows it ain’t easy. When all tricks fail, band aids protect us from blisters and subsequent scarring.

4. Lady Bits

Must Have: Feminine Wipes, an Extra Tampon (or Pad), and Extra Panties.
You never know what surprises may occur in a days span. Whether your ‘monthly friend’ arrives early, or you suddenly have agreed to a last minute date that you might want to freshen up for; let’s keep it real. These items sure do save us.

5 To Do’s that Keep you Fresh and Smooth like a Criminal

1. Eyebrows

Finding an eyebrow shape that perfectly suits your face and maintaining it is one of the best things you can do to emphasize your beauty. You do not need a ton of make up; rather accentuate what you’ve got!

2. Moisturize

The biggest sign of aging is skin. So take care of the only set you have. Moisturize everything from your hair to your elbows. Also, make sure to use lotions with an SPF of 15 or higher (at least on your face).

3. Toes

Clip those nails! Avoid getting infections underneath your nails. No one wants to sleep with fungus among-us. And no one wants to sleep next to a lover with toe nails sharper than a Swiss army knife. Keep ‘em smooth to ensure finesse with your caress.

4. Control Body Odor

Natural body odors are great and attract the opposite sex for sure, but can also be a turn off if become unruly. You know this! Arrange your body care regiment in a way that allows you to keep this in check.

5. Endorphins

Whether you choose to achieve this by the way of staying active, thinking positive, or even frequent orgasms getting an endorphin check should be a priority. Otherwise, you’ll be running around snapping at people left and right. It’s good for your health and others around you.

Did you Know?…

1. Pineapple and Cranberry Juice

Did you know that Cranberry and Pineapple juice alter the taste and odor of both your vagina and urine?…and for the better.

2. Cinnamon

Did you know that Cinnamon increases your metabolism? Add a tablespoon a day to your multivitamin routine.

3. Brush the Roof your Mouth

Did you know that brushing the roof of your mouth can be just as effective in reducing halitosis as brushing your tongue or flossing?

4. Shave your Bikini Line with Neosporin

Did you know that shaving your bikini line is a common trick to models and actors for the purpose of reducing ingrown hair, razor burns, and skin irritation?

5. Sweet Potato

Did you know that sweet potatoes are extremely healthy for you? They make a great replacement for french fries or bread for all my fellow starch and carb lovers out there.

6. Urinate after Intercourse

Did you know that urinating after intercourse can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections by releasing bacteria that can get backed into the tract during sex? Don’t mean to come down like a doctor, but UTI’s are nooo fun so take the minute to prevent yourself from the trouble of having to treat one.

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Getting on a Pole Ain’t So Bad

Open your mind to new ways of Getting into shape!

Check out this video my program mates (Pacifico Silano and Michael Lin) and I worked on. Including an interview with the first American Pole Fitness Championship winner.

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Feeling like the older you get, the more you forget? It may have taken you 10 minutes to remember where you left your keys this morning and no matter how many times you’ve been told, you just can’t seem to recall the name of that new guy at the office? It’s time to hit the mental gym! We spend so much time trying to maintain health and fitness that we mustn’t leave our minds behind. It’s not too late to develop the brain by forming new connections. This flaneur twist on Dr. Lawrence Katz’s theory of Neurobics will definitely give your brain a figurative kick start.

Confuse the Mind
Apply your eyeliner or try using your computer mouse with your non-dominant hand.

Drop Habits
Break monotonous patterns with your boy/girlfriend such as going on the same ‘ol dates. Try somewhere new!

Pick up a Hobby
Pole fitness is a great way to work on your coordination and challenge the mind, all while getting your sexy back!

Don’t stop Playing
The inner child never dies. Pick up a game of reason and concentration such as chess or sudoku.

Challenge yourself to remember the address of your favorite stores or your closest friends’ cell numbers. When GPS or cell phone technology fail, you’ll have your newly sharpened mind to back you up.

Travel Like the Locals
While traveling, don’t just jump on the first tour bus. Pick up a map and safely find your own way by discovery.

Keep ‘em Closed
Try performing a daily task such as showering with your eyes closed.

Your Presence is a Present
Offer your full attention to a singular task as much as possible.

These mental exercises will train your mind to work harder and keep your brain active. These little efforts welcome long term benefits. Get to it Flaneurs!

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