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Flaneurs Who Brunch

Hello Dahhhhhlings!

We are proud to present our very first installment oooof…drum roll please… Flaneurs Who Brunch! Because one of our favorite ways to enjoy life is to discover new fabulous brunch spots and share lovely discussions with our friends, we figure we might as well share it with you all. Here you will see us enjoying an easy Sunday afternoon at Harlem Tavern. We hope you enjoy this short film as much as we enjoyed the delicious cuisine and conversation. Look out for more to come!

Do you brunch with your friends? Send us some video, tell us what you talk about, or give us some topics of discussion for brunches to come!

Flaneurs Who Brunch from Le Femme Flaneur on Vimeo.

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I’m a Vegetarian Because I Hate Plants

I know I said we were going to start with natural hair today, but I thought I would throw a curve ball your way and hit you with the vegetarianism talk.

I wrote the following post about a year ago for my personal blog, but it seems to fit well with our body talk. I promise I will put aside my militant veg ways and not tell you how you can save 95 animals a year by switching to a vegetarian/vegan diet. Ooops.

I am a vegetarian. By vegetarian, I mean a true vegetarian. I do not eat chicken, pork, beef, fish, any type of seafood, bugs, worms, nada. I have not consumed any flesh since May 1, 2006. Now, the purpose of this post is not to convince anyone to bid farewell to the consumption of meats, it is to tell you all to stop asking me annoying questions. I love questions, I ask a lot of them, answer a lot more, but when it comes to the subject of my chosen vegetarianism, people seem to ask questions that make absolutely no sense.

So here are the questions I get asked commonly, the way I actually answer them, and the way I actually want to answer them:

Question: How are you a Nigerian vegetarian?
My Actual Answer: Oh, you know, I just adapt Nigerian foods to my diet. For example, I make “meatpie” with ground soy “beef” instead of the real thing.
How I WANT to answer: A long time ago, my parents, who are both Nigerians, engaged in the act of coitus, conceived me, therefore I became a Nigerian as well. About 19 years after my conception, I stopped eating meat. That’s how that went down.

Question: Don’t you ever miss eating meat?
My Actual Answer: No, because going veg was an ethical decision. Meat actually disgusts me now.
How I WANT to answer: No. I don’t. Will you miss your two front teeth if I just so happen to knock them out? (I’ve never thrown a punch in my life. I’d just like to say this. Violence is never the answer!)

Question: Aren’t you depriving yourself of vital vitamins and proteins?
My Actual Answer: Well, a healthy vegetarian diet isn’t void of the daily required amounts of vital nutrients, but I do eat a lot of tofu and legumes for protein and I take a multivitamin daily.
How I WANT to answer: No, I’m not, but that Big Mac in your hand is sure keeping your fat count in check! Go you!

Question: What do you eat?
My Actual Answer: A lot of tofu, beans, veggies, fruits. Everything besides meat basically.
How I WANT to answer: Food.

Becoming a vegetarian was a personal choice I made 5(!) years ago. I didn’t do it to lose weight. I didn’t do it because I thought it would be cool. I did it because I felt that I could have a healthy diet without eating dead animals. I actually do not have a problem with people eating meat as long as they kill the animals themselves. I do not want to kill animals, so I will not eat them. I feel like people who eat meat do so because they are disconnected to the origin of their food. If you can’t watch a cow being killed, but you can chow down on a steak, there’s a  problem there in my opinion.

The real point of this post is to let you know that I do not like being interrogated about my diet. If I had an eating disorder I would hope that you would intervene, but quite obviously, I got thick once I gave up the finger lickin’ chicken. I don’t have to defend my choice to abstain from the muscles and fats of farm animals and the like.

Food for thought? Bon appetit.

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Let’s Get Physical

We touch it daily. We allow others to touch it on occasion. We put things into it and things come out of it. Some of us treat ours like temples, others treat theirs like trash receptacles. Folks, welcome to Body Week at Le Femme Flaneur.

The human form is such an amazing thing. The texture of our hair, the random lines on the palms of our hands, the contours of our figures… the chewed up fingernails, the body odor, the belly button lint. We love our bodies and we hate our bodies. Our bodies cooperate with us and our bodies fight with us. Some of us spend more time with our bodies than we do with our minds. Our interactions with our physical selves can get quite deep. (The gutter is no place for the mind…)

This week, we will begin by exploring the “trend” that has taking over the black female community – natural hair. Why did we go natural? Is going natural the best option for women with naturally kinky, curly hair? Do we have any natural hair regrets?

We’ll then head down to our mouths (again. mind. out. of. gutter.) and discuss our lives as vegetarians. Both LB and I have been veg for a few years, we did it at different times for different reasons, but we are living proof that West Africans can survive without meat. Just wanted to clear that rumor up.

Can we have a discussion about the body without mentioning self-esteem and body acceptance? We can, but why would we? We are all self-conscious about some aspect of our bodies and one way to get over our perceived flaws is to acknowledge and embrace them. In addition, LB will throw in the fitness tips, including some unconventional exercise methods…

…so put on your workout music, or not, and sweat with us, or not.

Ready for Body Week, dahlings?

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