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My Relationship with TED.

When I get home from work, the gym, or dinner and I cannot think of anything to do, I watch TED talks. I watch them because they make me think critically, they inspire me, and one day LB and I will be giving a TED talk (or two) and I want to make sure we don’t repeat anything that has already been said.

Because I think that you all should stop watching the idiot box and start feeding your mind with thought-provoking mental nutrition, I have curated a short list of some of the TED talks that I have enjoyed. Of course I have been inspired by a ton more, but baby steps. I’ve got to wean y’all off of “Basketball Wives” as to not send you into shock.

Feel free to watch one or all of these videos. The titles are hyperlinked and will open up in a new page, so that you have no reason to leave Le Femme Flaneur.

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Poetic Vision, Purpose, Passion, etc.

I like sharing things that inspire me with you all. It makes my quest for sainthood easier. Here it goes…

On January 1st of this year, I was conversing with a young woman about my life. After explaining to her that I am currently on the science/academia career track and have no strong passion for what I am currently doing, she asked me what in God’s name did I want to do with myself if I wasn’t happy with my career now. Reasonable question. In response, for the first time ever, I articulated my true passion with ease. I soon realized that my passion equals my purpose and since I knew what it was that I want and need to be doing with my life, it is about time I take all the necessary steps to fulfilling said purpose.

In pursuit of getting my shit together, I remembered a video I watched during the Christmas holiday with my sister. At the end of the video lecture, we both applauded – it was not a live stream, Skype, or on any platform in which the speaker could actually hear and appreciate our applause. You know you just watched something good when you give a standing ovation to a laptop.

Anyway, watch the video below. Sister-friend Sharon Ann Lee drops knowledge on how to design your own success, do things that make you money and make you happy, and write your poetic vision. It is quite a long video, but you know you weren’t really doing anything right now anyway.

Let me know if you clap for her at the end.

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2012: Year of the Goal Digger

New Year’s resolutions.

A lot of us make them at the beginning of the year, say “fuck that shit” before we hit Valentine’s day, and then slap ourselves on the wrist at the end of the year for not keeping to them. I am of the mindset that the reason so many of us fail at folllowing through is because the resolutions we pick are the things we dread doing.

We say “Lose weight” but we think, “I can’t eat the foods I love.”
We tell folks we are going to “save money” but to us it just means, “I can’t buy the things I’ve been wanting/lusting after/salivating over.”
We look ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves, “become a better person”, but the little deviant in red on our shoulder says, “Damn, homie. You weren’t shit last year!”

The problem is there are way too many “not’s” in the resolutions we make, whether they’re blatant, or they’re there indirectly. Ether.

Instead of reminding ourselves how unsuccessful we were the previous year by saying “I need to do better” this year, cut yourself some slack and have fun with your list.

Below is my 2012 New Year’s Resolution List. Feel free to swaggajack me for inspiration. You’re welcome.

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Mind Over Matter

“I am an internationally known, incredibly successful business mogul.”
“I am iconic.”
“I have everything I want and everything I need.”
“I love everything about myself.”
“My life is dope.”
“I am a boss.”

These are the things I say to myself (sometimes aloud) daily. Am I an arrogant person? Nope. Am I crazy? Not at the moment. Am I aware? Most definitely. I am aware of a concept known as the law of attraction – the idea that “like attracts like”. I firmly believe that what goes on in your mind determines what goes on in your world.

Since this is going to be a long one, I’ll break it up for y’all – for free, because you all are special to me.

Spoken Words

Because I know how fragile newborns are, I am reluctant to carry them and I once made the declaration “I don’t hold newborn babies.” Before I finished that sentence, my mother rejected my words on my behalf because Heaven forbid the time comes when I am ready to have my own children and I can’t hold newborn babies for any number of reasons. My mother always cautions me to not curse myself. The most powerful words spoken about you are the ones that come out of your own mouth, so you really must think before you speak. If you say things like “I’m always sick”, you will often be in some sort of physical discomfort. Telling people that you’re broke all the time is a great way to ensure that you will never have more than enough money. Make sure that what you say about yourself is positive. Speak words of encouragement and excellence. Prophesy success and uncountable blessings into your life. In the words of India.Arie, “the words that come from your mouth, you’re the first to hear, speak words of beauty and you will be there.” Preach.

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Mind, Body & Soul

A great 20th century philosopher once said something that was so profound, it has been reiterated to the masses for decades – “check yo’self, before you wreck yo’self.” I know, that was deep – I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. All jokes aside, when you think about it, that line can apply to every facet of your being. In order to be a complete person, we must take care of every part of ourselves – mind, body and soul. For the next few weeks, we will discuss the many ways we respect, protect and neglect our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Back in college, after the majority of the class miserably failed a quiz, my organic chemistry professor would shout, “Guys! Open your brain!” A lot of us are getting (or have gotten, or will get) a formal higher education, but how often do we really take the time to feed and nurture our intellect outside of the classroom or office? Why does the pursuit of knowledge seem so tiresome for us 20somethings?  Is it because opening our brains also exposes us to things we may not necessarily want to know? We are at a pivotal point in our lives and there is so much being thrown at us. We have college degrees, but cannot find jobs. We get jobs, but still can’t afford to eat 3 meals a day. Our parents expect a lot from us, but we may not want to take the career path they think we should. We date, or we don’t – either way it bothers us. When going through the ups and downs of life, it can be hard to maintain a sharp mind when stress, anger or sadness disrupt your thoughts. How can we overcome these mental blockades?

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