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Who Run the World: Flaneurs VI

My deepest apologies for not posting in some time! Both my time and internet connection have been limited. Well, I’m here now so let’s get on with it! Shall we?
Flaneur of the day goes to Francisca Ramos DaLuz. This energetic, warm hearted woman spends most of her time as a farmer and gardener. Her efforts ultimately aid in preserving the necessary skills and tools of self sustainability. As Cabo Verde is in a time of transition, through the influence of international cultures, some fear the loss of traditional lifestyle. We don’t want naturalism to become a thing of the past. What would life be here without corn for cautchupa or mint tea from Mont Verde? Francisca spends a lot of her time at Ribeira do Vinha where the community lives primarily off of the land. She is not a paid farmer, but indulges in the beauty of nature. I appreciate her and many others who keep the spirit of Cape Verdean culture alive.


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Who Run the World: Flaneurs – V

Hey there fellow Flaneurs!

In a country where people are barely born with a silver spoon in their mouths, children are often expected to work and help their families at young ages. I met these three girls working at the fish market. You would never imagine such pleasant faces and upbeat spirits working harder than some adults I know back in the states. These girls not only make it as the Flaneurs of the day for demonstrating such independence at a young age, but also for their outgoing confidence and personalities.


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Who Run The Word: Flaneurs – III

Hello Readers!

One of the most interesting aspects of this Cabo Verde is simply taking a stroll outside.  So much of the socializing and every day activities take place outdoors. Why would it not in such a beautiful place? I am particularly fond of interesting folks who find ways to maintain businesses. This woman for instance is both a seamstress and cobbler. She spends most of her days on this corner working away on an old machine. Her products are both good quality and beautiful. She chose to remain anonymous but allowed me to photograph her. I am glad to name her Flaneur of the day for her humble talent. 


LB signing off, until tomorrow.

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